30th International Conference
on Massive Storage Systems
and Technology (MSST 2014)

Santa Clara, California, USA
June 2 — 6, 2014

Sponsored by Santa Clara University,
Computer Engineering

Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

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2014 Conference

The Queen Mary
MSST (2014) will dedicate a full week to computer-storage technology, including a day of tutorials, two days of invited papers, and two days of peer-reviewed research papers. The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Santa Clara University, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The conference will be technically co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, and papers will be indexed in IEEE's Xplore Digital Library.

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Preliminary Program

Monday, June 2nd
Tuesday, June 3rd
RAMCloud and the Low-Latency Datacenter (Abstract)
Professor John Ousterhout, Stanford University
Technical Talks
Kinetic Storage Technology
James Hughes, Principal Technologist, Seagate
Storage Infrastructure for Backing Up Into the Cloud (Abstract)
Gleb Budman, CEO, Backblaze
Building a Scalable Web Site for Geneological Research
Jordan Nielsen, Storage Architect, Ancestry.com
Panel: Media for Long-Term Archiving
Henry Newman, Chair
James Hughes, Seagate — Disk
Joe Lampitt, Oracle — Tape
Ken Wood, Hitachi — Optical
Scaling Up Graph Search Performance in Hardware
Steve Rinehardt, Cray
Meeting the Big Data Challenges of Climate Science through
Cloud-Enabled Climate-Analytics-as-a-Service
Daniel Duffy and John Schnase, NASA Goddard
Lightning Talks
(Speakers can sign up at the conference.)
Wednesday, June 4th
Technical Talks
Scalable All-FLASH Data Center Design
Scalability and Cost Issues in Large Enterprise Storage Architectures
John Clark and Randy Olinger, United Health Group
Scalability Challenges in Processing Bioscience Data
Ted Wong, Illumina
Scalability Challenges in Large-Scale Tape Environments (Abstract)
Jason Hick, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Panel: Openstack Storage Challenges
Sean Roberts, Yahoo!
Sage Weil, Inktank
Panel: Programming Models and Hardware Interfaces for Storage Class Memories
CNT Memory (NRAMtm), a Non-Volatile, Scalable, Low Power, Fast Write and Read Technology for Advanced Web, Mobile and Commerce System Architectures (Abstract)
Sohrab Kianian, Nantero, Inc.
Lightning Talks
(Speakers can sign up at the conference.)
Thursday — Friday, June 4-5
Research Track

2014 Organizers             

Conference Chair     Dr. Sam Coleman
Tutorial Chair     Sean Roberts
Program Chair     Dr. Matthew O'Keefe
Research General Chair     Dr. Ethan Miller
Research Track Co-Chairs     Dr. Zvonimir Bandic, Dr. Thomas Schwarz
SCU Arrangements     Dr. Ahmed Amer
Vendor Chair     Ben Kobler